Creating a remote repo for the OCM Drupal code.

  1. Create a blank central repo on the dev server: git init --bare ocm.git
  2. Locally, make sure that the Drupal is controlled by git. Do git init if necessary.
  3. Do git add * and git commit -m "initial commit" to get the base code into git.
  4. Add a remote to your local repo with git remote add ocm-dev path/to/your/central/git/repo
  5. Create and checkout a development branch on your local machine with git checkout -b develop
  6. Push the new branch to the remote with git push ocm-dev develop
  7. Deploy the code to the webserver with git clone --branch develop path/to/your/central/git/repo ocm-dev

Based on information gleaned from Building a Drupal site with Git at